Rosie and Hymie, then and now

Rosie and Hymie, then and now

One of Britain’s longest-married couples, set to celebrate their 70th anniversary, have revealed the surprising secret to their enduring love… a daily row, writes Rebekah Quixano Henriques.

Hymie and Rosie Pittal, who mark their platinum anniversary next month, claim that “having a good argument every day” is the secret to married bliss – along with “lots of laughs, kissing and making up”.

Hymie, 93, has been a full-time carer to his wife, 94, for the past eight years.

The couple, who live in Stamford Hill, say they feel “very blessed” to be approaching their 70th anniversary together, calling it a “proud achievement”.

They met at a dance in the East End’s Toynbee Hall but separated during the Second World War.

Rosie travelled across Britain’s hospitals, entertaining the troops with the Entertainments National Service Association, while her husband fought against the Nazis and landed on the beaches of Normandy in 1944.

They married weeks after the war ended at the Great Garden Street Synagogue and have two children, four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Their daughter, Hilary Cohen said: “My father just gets on with it, never moaning, never crying It’s really hard to explain just what a man he is. And my mother is so kind and wonderful.”