Going to a Turkish supermarket to find rugelach might just make an already impossible task even harder.

That’s the situation the candidates find themselves in during Wednesday night’s episode of The Apprentice.

Lord Sugar celebrated his 70th birthday earlier this year, and he tasks the candidates with acquiring items to mark some of the milestones of his life and career.

Candidates have one day only to bag nine specific items at the best possible price, before meeting at the House of Lords by 7pm.

While one team wastes precious time looking for Jewish pastries in a Turkish supermarket, the other discovers a Jewish bakery – and even procures a Tottenham Hotspur scarf in the process!

One team manages to find a Kosher bakery...only to end up with a Tottenham Hotspur scarf

One team manages to find a Kosher bakery…only to end up with a Spurs scarf

Who this week will end up hearing Lord Sugar’s immortal words, ‘You’re Fired’?

Tune in to find out on Wednesday, 1 November, 9PM on BBC One and BBC One HD