Tesco launches investigation into ‘racist’ incident in Romford

Tesco launches investigation into ‘racist’ incident in Romford

Tesco has apologised to a Jewish shopper who was short-changed after a member of staff at the Romford Express store allegedly told her: “It’s only 40p… You Jews have enough money.”Tesco price warning over beer ad

Karen Krimgoltz received a letter from the retail giant following the incident with a female shop assistant on Thursday 31 July, whose response Krimgoltz labelled as “not only offensive but totally racist”.

“She knew of my faith as I was wearing a Star of David around my neck,” said Krimgoltz this week. “It’s unacceptable, regardless of any alliance Tesco may take. And to think, it was Jack Cohen, a Jew, who co-founded Tesco.”

Tesco has not acknowledged the incident was anti-Semitic in nature. However, in a letter to Ms Krimgoltz, a Tesco customer services manager gave his “sincere apologies for the way you were spoken to” and promises “to ensure a formal investigation is conducted through our disciplinary process”.

The retail giant trumpets an ethos whereby “Everyone is Welcome,” and issues its equality and diversity guidelines under this banner.

Within these guidelines, the company tells staff that “a workplace which allows discrimination to flourish will never be a place where everyone is welcome”.



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