In a tech-obsessed Israeli city with tens of thousands of dogs, it was bound to happen, and now it has – welcome to Tel Aviv’s newest initiative: Digi-Dog.

The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, home to 25,000 registered dogs, is launching a suite of digital functions and information for owners keen to know where the nearest vet is, or where they can find the best dog-walking beach nearby.

With one dog for every 17 residents, and a successful digital card system for non-canines, it was an obvious move, and those behind the project say the Digi-Dog launch represents “a revolution”.

Tel Aviv Global & Tourism chief executive Eytan Schwartz said: “Tel Aviv is an amazing city for dogs. We have beaches for dogs, parks for dogs, we even hold film nights for dogs. It is also an amazing city for start-ups. We are combining both assets, a dog-friendly city and a technology-friendly city, to create a revolutionary service.”