By Roxy KAYE, UJS London and South East J-Socs Officer.

Former President of Manchester J-Soc Mark Larah amusingly reflects on what it is like for so many Jewish teenagers about to leave home and go off to university.


Roxy Kaye

“Here, take some frozen chicken soup, and remember to call!” Mark jests.

The Computers Sciences 3rd year continues, reflecting that “phrases similar to this will likely be spoken by thousands of Jewish mothers across the country this September, as their bubbeleh leaves for university!”

Mark is of course correct. Having been J-Soc President and involved with the society from day one, he speaks from experience.

He has now witnessed three years of Jewish students coming in through the doors of Manchester University for the first time and has watched them adjust to their new lives on campus.

Recognising that this experience can be exciting, challenging and often somewhat daunting for families, UJS and UJIA formed a unique partnership to organise an annual University Information Evening.

The evening provides an opportunity for sixth formers and their parents to hear from and ask questions to a panel of key Jewish stakeholders on campus that can provide a unique insight into what Jewish life on campus can offer.

students in a park

The evening provides an opportunity for sixth formers and their parents to gain unique insight into what Jewish life on campus can offer.

The UJIA and UJS University Information Evening introduces both parents and students to the various opportunities and services on offer to their children across different campuses.

Advice will be given about what to consider when choosing a university, including campus-specific facts and figures like the number of Jewish students at each university and accommodation options.

Information will be available describing the kind of programming J-Socs provide, including regular Friday night meals and other social, cultural and religious events.

CST will be available to discuss anti-Semitism on campus and to explain how it is being tackled and UJS representatives will be at hand to explain how the Student Union works to ensure that exams and compulsory classes do not clash with Shabbat or Yom Tovs. [divider]

This year the UJIA and UJS University Information Evening will be on the 25th February in North London with representatives from Chaplaincy and CST completing the panel. If you are a 6th former or parent and want to get to know some of the faces who will be there to support you next year on campus, ask questions and find out more about what is available, please register by clicking here: 

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