A suspended Cornish councillor has been denounced by his own colleagues for posting “wholly repugnant” links to websites questioning the extent of the Holocaust.

Lance Dyer, Truro City Councillor for Redannick Ward, had his membership of Cornish nationalist party Mebyon Kernow (Party of Cornwall) suspended in May for the offensive tweet, with an investigation ongoing.

Dyer linked to a far-right website, writing: “Holocaust Hoax: International Red Cross document confirms 271,000 not 6m died in concentration camps!”

Truro mayor Rob Nolan told the BBC that the comments were “abhorrent in the extreme” while Dyer’s own party leader Cllr. Dick Cole said: “The views expressed on the website are wholly repugnant.”

The president of Kehillat Kernow, Cornwall’s Jewish community organisation, said: “It seems absurd to me that anyone should question something which has been so well-documented. What was his point?”

Source: BBC (via Elisabeth Mahy)

Source: BBC (via Elisabeth Mahy)

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