The Union of Jewish Students have launched a campaign aiming to breakdown stereotypes and showcase diversity of young Jews.

Using hashtags #LABELFREE and #andJewish on Twitter, the Union of Jewish Students’ intends to challenge people’s preconceived ideas about young Jews.

In a series’ of clips, Grace, Ed, Catherine and Alyson are shown to feature different types of Jewish students. UJS want to create “a space to challenge the assumptions that others ascribe to students of faith” according to president, Hannah Brady.

“As individuals, our identities are complex, fluid and diverse. They rarely fit in pre-packaged boxes. I’m proud that UJS has developed such a powerful campaign and can be a part of a wider process in which we claim ownership of our own identities.”

The campaign, aims to ‘limit labelling and shatter shatter stereotypes’, and builds on previous campaigns that educate people about Jewish life, culture and identity, including Jewish Experience Week (J.E.W)

The Union of Jewish Students represents 8,500 students across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

You can watch the videos that have been produced here: