A leading student politician has apologised “unreservedly to the Jewish community”, after ‘unwittingly’ making anti-Semitic comments.

Rayhan Uddin (Credit: Facebook)

Rayhan Uddin (Credit: Facebook)

Rayhan Uddin, who is running to be the student union president at a top London university, expressed regret for using the term ‘Zio’, which he said he was unaware of being “associated with far-right anti-Semitic groups.”

Posting on Facebook, Uddin, who is vying to lead the London School of Economics Student Union, expressed his regret if he had “appeared to endorse in any way the foul ideology of anti-Semitism.”

In an extensive online message, Udin also apologises for claiming that the election of a pro-Israel student would “‘be awful for Muslims and pro-Palestine activists across the whole country’”, adding that it was “wrong to frame the issue in such over-general terms.”

Baroness Royall, who is leading the investigation into alleged anti-Semitism at Oxford University Labour Club, was sent a complaint about this incident at LSE.