Former Blizzard Storm manager Simon Linden wants Jewish football officials to introduce plans which will help prevent other clubs joining his in quitting the league.

Linden was speaking after confirming his Premier Division side had folded, saying: “I love being involved in the Jewish league and it’s a great shame to see so many teams folding. I hope David Wolff and the committee can come up with some good future plans to get it back on track.”

Sad to hear of Storm’s demise, Wolff said: “It’s always disappointing to hear when a team folds.” However, hopeful there won’t be more to follow and that new teams could come into the League over the summer, he said: “I haven’t heard of any others who will be folding and believe there are others in the pipeline looking to join the league. Hopefully, we’ll see a static position [number of teams next season], if not slightly more than there are right now.”

Storm finished their seventh season bottom of the Premier Division, with Linden saying: “I’m proud of what we achieved over the years. It’s been great fun, pushing ourselves through the divisions and winning promotions, while also reaching two cup semi-finals, even if they both ended in defeat.”

Explaining why they were forced to quit, he said: “Last season was extremely tough. It was always going to be hard entering the Premier Division without eight key players that gained us promotion. But we continued, put together a squad and gave it everything. Most teams would have called it a day halfway through the season, but we kept battling away every Sunday to keep the club running.”

Staying in Jewish football, Linden will be taking charge of Temple Fortune next season and said: “I’m looking forward to managing them. Nigel Kyte has a fantastic club – it’s been established over 40 years and I can’t wait to work with him, to take the club forward and bring back the glory days.”