Stephen Fry with Caitlin McQue of Nottingham and other Stonewall marchers at London's Pride 2012.

Stephen Fry with Stonewall marchers at London Pride 2012.

Actor, writer, presenter and gay rights activist Stephen Fry has joined the growing list of individuals to support Jewish News’ new LGBT section, launched today.

Joining leading human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell and Chief Executive of Liberal Judaism Danny Rich, Fry expressed his support for the move.

He told the Jewish News, “I’m as proud of being Jewish as I am as proud of being gay. And just as I don’t go to shul, I don’t go to gay clubs. The identity can never be taken away from me.

“Sometimes one has to stand up against homophobia and similarly against anti-semitism. But there is so much to celebrate in each,” he told Jewish News.

“The laughter, the cultural gifts to civilisation, science and society … for Jews not to celebrate gays within their own community would be a Schande, it seems to me, a shame and a disgrace.”