Planning for perfection!
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Planning for perfection!

We speak to the founder of Letizia Events about creating beautiful bespoke parties for her clients

Deborah is a freelance journalist

From watching the sun set over the sea, to vast desert landscapes and enchanted forests, there are few places Letizia Piatelli hasn’t worked her magic to create perfect bespoke events for her clients.

Twenty years ago, Piatelli started her boutique planning company, Letizia Events, and has since arranged everything from intimate celebrations for 60 guests to spectacular weddings for 800.

“Planning parties in Israel is influenced by people coming from abroad,” she says. “Each client brings up a new idea or a new inspiration from their own country.

“There wasn’t much when I first started, but now there have been so many ideas and we are able to produce very high-level events, from creating a venue in the middle of the desert to planning a wedding in Caesarea or Masada.”

With clients coming from all over the world, including France, Gibraltar and the UK, as well as Panama, the USA and Brazil, Piatelli works with a range of influences, and can create beautiful weddings, bar and batmitzvahs and parties in Israel, as well as her native country, Italy.
She takes pride in her company providing a level of personalisation that makes its events stand out.

“I don’t just want my guests to come to Israel and party,” she says. “It’s not just about the main event: I want to bring in meaning.

“For example, if I have a barmitzvah, I will arrange the guests to meet Israeli soldiers to help understand Israeli and Jewish values.

“Another time, I arranged an event at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, and I made sure guests could do tours related to their origins. It’s not just about making a party, but it’s about bringing meaning to the celebrations.”

Piatelli is also very hands-on with her clients, whether they are a couple getting married or parents organising a barmitzvah.

“I am very dedicated,” she says. “Once we start working together, I have a full relationship with the client, meaning they can call me, consult with me and get very involved in the planning.”

While planning events can present its challenges, Piatelli has real passion for her work.

“I love bringing it all together,” she says. “It usually takes six months to organise an event. You invest energy, stress, pressure, thought and money, and the most beautiful part of it is seeing the scene and elements all coming together.”