The pro-Israel crowd makes its voice heard.

The pro-Israel crowd makes its voice heard.

Police were forced to intervene as anti-Israel demonstrators clashed with supporters of the Jewish state outside the Marble Arch branch of Marks and Spencer on Thursday night, writes Sophie Lipton.

A combined crowd of around 200 people exchanged angry chants and slogans.

A demonstration takes place outside the M&S branch every week, held by campaigners who oppose Marks and Spencer stocking Israeli produce.

Ilana Katz, who led the pro-Israel counter demonstrators in chants such as “We want peace, they want war,” said: “We were there to not only protest on behalf of Israel, but for British business as well.

“We there to tell people in London that Hamas and Isis are terrorist groups and they both want the same thing.”

She added: “We are not afraid. We’ll stand up for what we believe in.”