An uncovered pendant appearing identical to one owned by Anne Frank belonged to another Jewish girl who may have known her, says Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial.

Yad Vashem said it has verified that the pendant belonged to Karoline Cohn who perished at Sobibor, one of the most notorious death camps, and may have known the famous diarist.

The researchers uncovered the pendant when they were excavating Sobibor, said Yad Vashem.

Anne Frank was arrested along with her family by the Germans in the occupied Netherlands during the Second World War and died in Belsen concentration camp shortly before the end of the war in 1945.

Like Frank, Cohn was born in Frankfurt in 1929, and researchers are trying to confirm whether they were related.

The Israel Antiquities Authority has been conducting excavations at the former camp, which was operated in German-occupied Poland, since 2007 and has already uncovered the gas chamber foundations and the original train platform.

More than 250,000 Jews were killed in Sobibor, one of the most vivid examples of the Nazi “Final Solution” to eradicate European Jewry.