Two new brightly-coloured benches at a Jewish primary school in London unveiled this week will hopefully help children make friends, parents said.

The ‘buddy benches’ at Sinai Jewish Primary School, which will be ready for the children’s return in September, were designed by the children themselves, and are for “lonely or sad” youngsters to make friends.

Winning designs from Year 5 pupil Melissa Charles and Liat Tilsiter from Year 2 adorn the sponsored benches, which were arranged by the Parents and Staff Association (PSA).

“It’s a fun and worthwhile project,” said PSA Secretary Melanie Priestley. “The benches will be a place for children who feel sad or alone to use and encourage others to visit the benches to make new friendships with the children on them.”

The benches, which will be divided between the Key Stage 1 playground and Key Stage 2 (junior) playground, now need ‘buddy bench prefects’ to “help make children feel valued and respected”.

Different bench designs from students at Sinai

Different bench designs from students at Sinai (Photo by James Shaw)