Edwin ShukerA veteran Deputy this week threw his hat in the ring for the position of vice-president of the Board.

Edwin Shuker, who was born in Baghdad, has been Deputy for 15 years in two stints – first as a representative of Iraqi Jews and latterly of Woodside Park United Synagogue.

Shuker, the vice-chair of the international division, told Jewish News that he believed that, as an Iraqi-born Jew, he had a “niche” and could make a “unique contribution” to the Board.

“I can add to the understanding of Arab and Islamic countries at a time when Israel is in a peace process that is badly in need of wise advice,” he said. 

“Not that I would advise Israel what to do, but I would contribute to the understanding of the other. I would contribute my understanding of living among Arabs and Muslims as my ancestors have done for 1,400 years.”

Mr Shuker also said he wanted the “Sephardi voice” to be heard. “We don’t have Orthodox, Reform, Masorti or Liberal Jews,” he said. “As Rabbi Abraham Levy says, we are all Jews without adjectives.”