Holocaust educators have asked that the public watch a film about a legal case lost by Holocaust denier David Irving, rather than hear him speak on a planned “fascist tour” ahead of the film’s release.

The movie, called Denial, is released in January, and stars A-lister Rachel Weisz, who plays U.S. academic Deborah Lipstadt, who Irving sued 16 years ago. He lost the $2 million libel case, and his reputation was shredded by the judge, who labelled Irving a racist and anti-Semite.

This week Karen Pollock, chief executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, reacted with rolled eyes upon hearing news that the historian wanted to milk the moment.

“I am not surprised to hear that David Irving wants to go on tour for further self-promotion. Rather than giving him the publicity he craves, people should go and see this film and learn more about the court case he definitively lost.”

Irving, 78, who is played by actor Timothy Spall, is to host a series of secret events during the month before the film’s release, and has said the talks would include his account of “50 years defending real history against her enemies”.