Pope Francis welcomed former Israeli president Shimon Peres to the Vatican on Monday.

The ninth president met with the head of the Catholic Church to discuss a “shared vision for a peaceful future and an end to violence.”

Shimon Peres, 92, said: “Unfortunately, since our last meeting, much blood has been spilled in our region and in streets around the world. We are witnessing increased terrorist acts against innocent people, and the use of the name of G-d to murder and kill.”

Meeting with Pope Francis on World Refugee Day on Monday, he added: “We cannot remain indifferent to the tens of thousands of refugees, victims and children who have been wounded and have lost family members and their homes.

“We have a moral obligation to our children to stop the hatred and bloodshed.”

Shimon Peres retired from politics in 2014, with Reuven Rivlin being elected into the role.

Pope Francis-Peres 20-6-16 002

Pope Francis embraces Shimon Peres (Photo credit: L’osservatore Romano/Israel Sun 20-06-2016)