Sheffield Wednesday Football Club supporters were left livid with a left-wing Jewish media group this week after the image of a popular fan was used in a mocked-up far-right magazine cover.

An image of a shirtless and cheering Paul Gregory, 54, known as ‘Tango,’ was used by Jewish Voice in an imagined magazine cover for far-right group English Defence League (EDL).

Jewish Voice, which blogs and tweets about the far-right threat, was facing the prospect of legal action on Monday, after using Gregory’s image without his permission. According to The Star, Gregory said he had already instructed a lawyer “because it’s disgusting”.

Sheffield Wednesday’s assistant manager retweeted some examples of fans’ anger, including one message from Dan Kris, who said: “As a Jewish Wednesday fan, this image must be taken down immediately. It’s embarrassing. I’ve been going to matches home and away for 20 years and Tango is a very good guy. This kind of image is just ignorant.”

Tango shot to fame in February for going topless during the so-called ‘Beast from the East’ cold snap, during an evening game in which temperatures dipped to -6.