Rosie and Elliot with Natalie and Joseph.

Rosie and Elliot with their children Natalie and Joseph.

Young mum Rosie Choueka, who bravely wrote about her battle with breast cancer, finally succumbed to the illness this week.

Only days before her passing, Rosie had readers in tears with a moving “final post” on her blog Fighting Genghis.

Friends, family members, colleagues and complete strangers have since gone online to post a picture of a rose in her memory.

Now the family would like to gather everyone’s recollections of Rosie in one special place – here on this Jewish News tribute page.

Her husband Elliot says: “We’d like personal and professional memories; funny and poignant memories; your favourite stories about her, or accounts of times you spent with her. These memories will be gathered together so that Natalie and Joseph can in the years to come learn more about their mother, through those whose lives were touched by her. While we appreciate that many of you have already written to us, we would ask that you do so again here so that we have all your memories gathered in one place. Thank you.”

Kindly leave your personal memories and reflections in the comments section below to help Rosie’s family celebrate her life.