Increased security in Copenhagen (source twitter)

Increased security in Copenhagen (source twitter)

Russian-speaking Jewry has given money at Denmark’s 6,400 Jews after an attack on a Copenhagen synagogue in February left one man dead and two police officers wounded.

The Genesis Foundation, which is bankrolled by Ukrainian-born oil billionaire Mikhail Fridman and other Russian oligarchs, gave 100,000 Euros to improve security.

In a statement, Fridman later described the Danish Jewish community as “under siege”.

Rabbi Jair Melchior, Denmark’s chief rabbi, said: “The Danish Jewish community has experienced a tragedy, we face a very challenging time that will shape the future of Jewish life in Denmark. 

“The great support of world Jewry, as shown here, makes us feel we are not alone facing our challenges, and will help us secure our future, here in Denmark.”

Two weeks ago, Danish police arrested a fourth man suspected of assisting a gunman who killed Jewish security guard Dan Uzan in Copenhagen on 15 February. A day earlier, Omar El-Hussein killed a bystander outside a free-speech seminar. El-Hussein was later killed in a police shootout.