Iron gate at Buchenwald concentration camp

Iron gate at Buchenwald concentration camp

A Russian businessman who erected a garden fence similar to the gate at Buchenwald concentration camp has denied being anti-Semitic.

Nestor Lavrov, 53, had the fence built because he liked the design after seeing images online, which were actually of gates put up in 1937 around Buchenwald camp near Weimar.

He claimed not to have realised the context of the words ‘Jedem Das Seine’, which marked the gates at Buchenwald, saying, ‘I didn’t know what the words Jedem Das Seine meant, but I looked it up and found it meant “To each his own”.

Local officials in Russia declined to act despite being made aware of the fence has been put up in the Istrinsky District of Moscow Oblast region.

A official said: ‘He put the sign up on his own property and because he insists it is not anti-Semitic, there is nothing that can be done.’