Planes from the Royal Air Force proudly took to the skies for Israel’s 70th birthday celebrations this week.

The RAF sent a Hercules C130 to participate in a flyover over the Sea of Galillee and off the Tel Aviv and Haifa coasts, alongside Israeli jets, and planes from at least four other countries.

The British Embassy in Israel tweeted: “The Royal Air Force marking its 100th anniversary this year took part in the flypast over Israel alongside the Israeli Air Force that is celebrating 70 years to its establishment”.

Prime Minister Theresa sent a message of congratulations on Israel’s 70th birthday, saying: “Best wishes to those celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the State of Israel. Israel is a close friend and partner of the UK and we fully support Israel as a Jewish Homeland. We look forward to continuing cooperation between our two countries.”

Other messages included that of Boris Johnson, the foreign secretary, who said: “Mazal Tov from the UK to the State of Israel on its 70th anniversary. Israel is a close friend and ally, and our relationship continues to go from strength to strength”.

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British Ambassador to Israel David Quarrey tweeted that “HM The Queen has sent President Reuven Rivlin her warmest greetings on the celebration of Israel’s 70th anniversary and best wishes for the good fortune and happiness of the people of Israel.”

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