An ex-police officer paralysed from the chest down wants to visit Israel so she can meet the inventor of a device that has allowed her to walk once more.

Nicki Donnelly was confined to a wheelchair after being seriously injured in the line of duty in 2009, but thanks to Israeli technology, she can independently move again.

Addressing an audience at the Community Security Trust (CST) on Tuesday night, the former West Midlands policewoman was presented with her personal ReWalk exoskeleton by sponsors, the Gerald Ronson Family Foundation and CST.

Speaking to Jewish News, Nicki, who started using the suit in April 2016, and who was moving independently in just seven weeks, paid tribute to the Israeli inventor, before thanking the Jewish community.

She said: “I’ve received a great awareness of the Jewish community. The more I tell the story about the Israeli inventor, who’s quadriplegic, the more it’s created an awareness that good technology comes from Israel.”

Nicki speaking to the audience (Photo credit: Jason Glass)

Nicki speaking to the audience (Photo credit: Jason Glass)

Nicki added: “It’s a number one goal to meet the Israeli inventor, Amit Goffer. I am truly grateful for his role in this.”


The ex-officer thanked Gerald Ronson, who is chairman of CST, and his family foundation, for supporting of her. She said: “they’ve given me my freedom of choice back. I’m known as the real-life Robocop!”

She said “I knew who CST were, as I was aware they work with different police forces, including West Midlands Police where I was based. I have a great appreciation of having that extra resource from the CST.”

Dave Rich of CST said: “We work with police officers every day. They put themselves at risk for all of us and all of the public and it could be any police officer who suffers that sort of injury. Our support for her is symbolic of our appreciation for every police officer and all that they do for all of us.”

Nicki chatting with the CST's David Delew (Photo credit: Jason Glass)

Nicki chatting with the CST’s David Delew (Photo credit: Jason Glass)