More than 130 churches and have ministries have welcomed Mark Regev to his new role of Israeli Ambassador to the UK. 

Regev was presented with a welcome card by Christian broadcaster Simon Barrett, and Steven Jaffe, a consultant to the Board of Depities of British Jews.
Barrett signed on behalf of the signatories of the Shalom Declaration, which is a Christian initiative to combat anti-Semitism and support Israel. 
Regev, who marked the start of his term by addressing the Board of Deputies this week, said: “The work of our Christian friends in the UK is much appreciated”.
“They hold events in solidarity with Israel; visit Israel;  buy Israeli goods;  support Israeli charities; and they stand up for Israel in both prayer and deed. I am hugely encouraged to receive the support of all the Churches that have signed the Shalom Declaration. As Ambassador I look forward to working with our many Christian friends across the UK.”