Palestine Solidarity Campaign project an image onto the Houses of Parliament.

Palestine Solidarity Campaign project an image onto the Houses of Parliament.

A pro-Palestine group projected the national flag on to the Houses of Parliament, calling for an end to the bloodshed in Gaza.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) projected the flag, complete with slogans including “Free Palestine”, “Sanctions Now” and “Stop the massacre”, in a bid to put pressure on the Government to take action.

The stunt came early this morning as America and the United Nations jointly announced a 72-hour ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

So far the death toll of the latest conflict has reached at least 1,441 Palestinians, many of them civilians according to Gaza health officials, and 56 soldiers and two civilians on the Israeli side.

Board Vice President Jonathan Arkush said: “Projecting the flag of Palestine onto the Houses of Parliament is a stunt that will be offensive to the British public. We don’t need to import conflicts in the Middle East to this country.

“We should instead be exporting values and efforts designed to bring about a peaceful resolution to the conflict. The PSC has once again shown itself to be an irrelevant and extremist pressure group.

“It appears to be motivated by nothing more than a hatred of Israel, the only democracy and true ally of the West in the Middle East.

“The PSC is silent on the rockets and tunnels of Hamas, an internationally proscribed terrorist organisation, but extremely vocal against Prime Minister David Cameron whose statements on the Gaza conflict have been measured, and constructive.”

Hugh Lanning, chairman of PSC, said: “It is an outrage that the British government is standing by whilst Israel slaughters Palestinians.

“The Prime Minister, David Cameron has failed to listen to the voices of hundreds and thousands of British people who have taken to the streets. He has failed to stand up for an occupied people being ruthlessly murdered by an occupying power.

“The Prime Minister has weakly accepted the US’ political position, which is totally out of step with the mood of this country. It is time for firm action consistent with international law.

“David Cameron must demand an end the massacre in Gaza, implement an immediate and total arms embargo on Israel and employ sanctions now until Israel ends its illegal occupation.

“People are really angry that this injustice is continuing despite our ability as a nation to pressure Israel to end the attacks. The Government must not delay in responding to the moral and public demands it faces.”