A pro-Palestinian hacker has leaked the details of more than 20,000 FBI employees on Twitter, exposing the names and contact details of undercover officers across the United States.

A total of 22,175 names, job titles and further details were revealed online on Tuesday through the @DotGovs account, under the messages “Long Live Palestine,” “Long Live Gaza” and the “#FreePalestine”.

The list includes classified data, and exposes 1,797 special agents up to and including the level of task-force deputy director.

It comes a day after the details of 9,355 Homeland Security employees were also posted alongside the message: “This is for Palestine, Ramallah, West Bank, Gaza, this is for the child that is searching for an answer.”

were posted to an encrypted text-sharing website. The group behind the breach claims to have downloaded 200GB of data from the US Department of Justice’s internal network.

It is the latest foreign-policy motivated hack of the U.S. government. Late last year, a teenager diverted all calls to U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, directing them to the Free Palestine Movement.