Two pro-Palestinian organisations are set to sue grassroots group Jewish Human Rights Watch for defamation after it alleged the had links to terrorism.

It follows a letter from solicitors representing JHRW sent to the QEII Centre, host venue of ‘Palestine Expo 2017: Generation Palestine,’ urging the centre to cancel the two-day July event in Westminster.

The letter makes several allegations against the event’s co-sponsors – Friends of Al-Aqsa and Palestine Solidarity Campaign – both of whom have now said they are taking legal advice.

The Jewish Human Rights Watch letter, sent by Manchester-based RHF Solicitors, reads: “Our client is aware that the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, who are also advertising the event, has clear links to the terrorist group Hamas.”

The letter further informs the venue that Friends of Al-Aqsa recently had its bank account with the Co-operative Bank closed, adding that both organisations “support Jew hate” and have “no right of audience anywhere in the UK, especially not near the scene of the recent Westminster terrorism attack”.

Both organisations confirmed that they were now taking legal advice, with PSC director Ben Jamal describing the allegations as “false and disturbing”.

He added: “Palestine Expo will be a celebration of the rich Palestinian culture, with traditional dancing, food, artisan goods, art exhibits, and children’s entertainment alongside talks on the current political situation.  We are sure that reasonable people have no issue with any national group celebrating their heritage.”

In a response to the JHRW letter, a spokesman for the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre said they were “currently conducting further due diligence to investigate the claims made”.

They told Jewish News: “We FEAR NO legal or any kind of other  action in opposing those who promote the cultural  boycotting of the Jewish state.”