Young adults who support Israel are being invited to join a new network from grassroots group We Believe in Israel to “bring energy and dynamism”.

The new group, called Young We Believe in Israel, is “open to anyone who supports Israel” under the age of 35, and We Believe director Luke Akehurst hopes it will fill a campaigning gap.

“We realised there is a serious gap after university when people want to stay involved and support Israel, but often don’t find a group that suits them,” he said.

The new network is “committed to a two-state solution, but completely pluralistic”, he explained, adding: “We believe that the best way to an authentic and powerful grassroots movement is to support debate and an open exchange of views.”

We Believe, which is a project of think tank BICOM, said it had been working with the Union of Jewish Students and Zionist youth movements.

Akehurst said the young professionals joining the network would support Israel on social media and in local community activism as well as develop campaign techniques and debating skills.