A primary school in Hertfordshire has held a mock seder to offer pupils a taste of Jewish tradition and culture.

Edge Grove Primary School’s year five held the event as part of a religious studies experience, including singing, tasting passover food and learning about Jewish history.


Activities included performances of Passover songs by one of the children’s parents, Mark Gilbert, although the children found singing in Hebrew tricky.

Pupils were split into groups with volunteers guiding them through tasting items from the Seder plate.

They listened to a 10 minute summary of the history of Israel up to the Passover.

Ben Evans, headmaster at Edge Grove School commented: “It was a fantastic experience for the children.. Certainly any celebration that emphasises opposition to oppression, slavery and unfair exploitation, is a welcome influence for us all.

“The response from the pupils was very positive and it proved a constructive, worthwhile and enjoyable experience.”