Traces of meat found in vegetarian and vegan supermarket meals, highlights the importance of “buying certified or approved kosher products” according to the London Beth Din.

Kashrut campaigners issued a warning this week, after meat, including pork, was reportedly found in products for non-meat eaters.

The Food Standards Agency launched a probe after claims were made against both Sainsbury’s “meat free” meatballs and Tesco vegan macaroni ready meal, according to The Week.

This also caused concern, as some Jews will purchase vegetarian food if there is no access to approved kosher products. As an investigation was been launched by FSA, a spokesperson from the Kosher London Beth Din (KLBD) said: “The traceability and transparency of what goes into our food is what enables us to decide if a product is Kosher. It is disappointing to hear that pork was found in a product that was labelled as vegetarian and this news will understandably be worrying for people who do not wish to eat any type of meat.

“For the Jewish community and especially those who only eat kosher food, this case highlights the importance of buying certified or approved kosher products as all of the ingredients are thoroughly checked by the supervising authority.”