A police communications officer has apologised for his “crass language” in past comments about Jews and money made on social media several years ago.

Asim Janjua, who works for West Midlands Police, said he was sorry for “offensive” comments he made on Twitter in 2012, in which he told someone to “ask the Jew” because “they know about the money side of things”.

In another he included the hashtags #Jew, #BeingJewish and #GiveMeAllTheMoniesSoICanPutItInMyNose.

In other posts from 2013 Janjua uses offensive language towards the LGBT community, saying: “Ran out of gay fever tablets and I’m dying down here.”

In response to questions from Jewish News, Janjua said: “These historical tweets were the immature and offensive ramblings of a naive young student. They in no way represent who I am now nor my true commitment to diversity and inclusion.”

He added: “I unreservedly apologise for the hurt I have caused people with my crass language. I have done wrong and learned a valuable lesson.”

Asim Janjua’s offensive Tweet towards gay people which he has apologised for

West Midlands Police is the second largest police force in the country, covering 2.8 million people, and describes the area as “rich in diversity, with 18 per cent of its population from ethnic minority backgrounds”.

Janjua is the force’s Digital Marketing and Communications Officer, and describes himself as a “committed, hard-working and award-winning communications professional” who previously worked in public relations.