Police Scotland was this week investigating reports of leaflets distributed around university campuses in Edinburgh and Glasgow which referred to the Holocaust as “the greatest swindle of all time”.

Officers said enquiries were “ongoing” after students reported about 100 leaflets stuck to walls and cars with the hashtag #Holohoax.

Bosses at the Community Security Trust said they were looking into the matter, with suggestions that they leaflets may have originated abroad, and no suggestion they were part of a pro-Palestinian campus campaign.

The material quoted Jewish-American academic Prof. Norman Finkelstein, a known critic of Israel, describing the “Holocaust industry,” adding: “The wonder is that there are so few sceptics.”

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: “We can confirm a complaint was made to police regarding the content of leaflets placed on noticeboards around the campus of Glasgow University. Enquires are continuing.”

A statement from Edinburgh University Jewish Society (J-Soc) said: “We greatly appreciate Edinburgh University Students Association and fellow students for their swift action in helping to remove these anti-Semitic flyers and for notifying security. The person(s) who dispersed these flyers will be held accountable for their shameful actions if/when caugh