Lord Levy was on-hand to welcome the chief rabbi and Secretary of State for Communities Eric Pickles, together with 200 other guests, at the volunteer awards for Jewish Lads & Girls Brigade (JLGB) at the House of Lords.

Commenting on the 120-year old organisation, Pickles said: “There are very few organisations of any kind that can claim that sort of history.” He added that it “shows both our own community and wider society how you can be proud to be British and proud to be Jewish”.

JLGB Chief Executive Neil Martin told guests that “this is the start of a brand new chapter for us, where our job is simple and clear‎ – to give young people the tools and skills they need to navigate a digital and global world”.

The charity was founded in 1895 to help Jewish immigrant boys arriving into the UK at that time, by training and developing them.

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