Photo credit: Mark Neyman GPO

President Reuven Rivlin met with a delegation of Imams from Senegal, comprised of five representatives and leaders of Islamic orders from around Senegal.

The leaders visited Israel in order to get to deepen their understanding and to promote an interfaith and cultural dialogue, and were greeted warmly.


Photo credit: Mark Neyman GPO

At the start of the meeting President Rivlin welcomed the delegation, saying “Welcome to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. Welcome to the city that is holy for all the monotheistic faiths.”

“I see the great importance of holding these meeting and conducting an interfaith dialogue. There is not, and never will there be, a war between Judaism and Islam. Your arrival here signifies to me friendship and understanding, and the ability for us to come together, each with our own beliefs, yet in agreement that God is the only God.”


Photo credit: Mark Neyman GPO

One member of the delegation, Imam El Hadji Oumar Diene, said to the President that “During this visit we had the chance to see Israeli in-depth, with regards to religion, economics and Israeli society. We are pleased and grateful for the hospitality. We came for peace and an interfaith dialogue, and we are pleased with what we have seen and experienced during our visit. We pray to God in the hope that peace will come to Israel and to the entire world. We saw that you made great efforts to extend your hand toward peace, and we hope that the other side will extend their hands to you in peace and that you live in coexistence.”