Armed guards at a shul in Antwerp

Armed guards at a shul in Antwerp

The petition, posted on the government's official site, has nearly 5,000 signatures

The petition, posted on the government’s official site, has nearly 5,000 signatures

Armed security patrols outside synagogues and Jewish institutions are the “only feasible solution” to threats from terrorism, according to a petition to the UK government.

Started by Golders Green resident Moses Hoffman on December 7th, the petition has gained almost 5,000 signatures  – and demands the government “provide armed security for Jewish public places” as some countries in Europe have done.

1,034 of the 4,864 signatories are resident in the parliamentary constituency of Finchley and Golders Green – a past target of neo-Nazi group National Action.

A similar number, 925, are resident in the adjacent Hendon constituency. 

It reads: “European governments are providing armed security for synagogues and Jewish institutions following numerous fatal terror attacks.

“This is because where there is a serious risk of fatalities, the only feasible solution is to provide armed security for Jewish public places. The UK must do the same.”

Hoffman told the Jewish News that fatal attacks such as that on Copenhagen’s Grand Synagogue in February had convinced him of the need for armed guards outside places of worship and schools.

He said: “The Islamist terror threat and anti-Semitism as a whole are at their highest levels and as witnessed across europe and beyond, what used to be verbal and physical assaults have become fatal terror attacks, being carried out by gun and knife clad men.

“How can unarmed personnel protect hundreds of schoolchildren and others from such a threat? We cannot wait for a trigger in order to bring the response, as was the case in Denmark”

The appeal will receive an official response if it reaches 10,000 signatures – and will be considered for debate in the House of Commons should it reach 100,000. 

The petition is available to sign here.