Zichron Menachem, the Israeli organisation that supports children with cancer and their families, sponsored a holiday for 40 parents, which saw them enjoy a week-long all-expenses paid stay in London.

The parents, who were hosted by local families, toured the capital as they got a much-needed break from the demands of taking care of a child with cancer.

Held every three years in London, the group visited historic sites, went on a boat ride on the Thames, saw the West End show Stomp and visited Madame Tussauds. The parents also met the Mayor of Barnet, David Longstaff, along with 30 local families at a VIP reception, which was held to raise awareness of Zichron Menachem’s work in Israel and the UK. The reception honoured Zichron Menachem’s newly appointed medical adviser, Hadassah Medical Centre’s Director of Bone Marrow Transplantation Department, Professor Reuven Or.

Speaking about the holistic support Zichron Menachem provides for children with cancer and their families, he said: “We cannot neglect the connection between the mental health and the physical health of patients. No child with cancer can be treated comprehensively without the support that Zichron Menachem provides.”

Zichron Menachem UK chairman Eli Seliger said: “It’s inspiring to see the unbelievable unity of people from across the Jewish world in the UK and Israel, supporting each other and sharing experiences. For many of the parents, this is the first time in months that they have been able to sit next to their spouse, talk and relax together. We are grateful to our many supporters in the UK, that we were able to help these families during this challenging time.”