Seder 2015 publicity

More than 55 LGBT Jews and their partners took part in the annual Jewish Gay and Lesbian Group (JGLG) Seder.

Led by Student Rabbi Daniel Lichman, who brought along his own ‘Chazan’ in Robin Samson, it was Daniel’s first time leading the seder, which used both the specially created JGLG Haggadah and the Liberal Haggadah as a guide.

The service included a wide-range of music – everything from Disney and West End musical adaptations, to more traditional Pesach music, alongside reflections on faith, humanity and both the work that’s been done, and still has yet to be done in the wider LGBT community.

JGLG President Peggy Sherwood said: “Each year I say we can’t better the seder, but each year it gets better.  JGLG changes lives – many lifelong couples have met through JGLG (including myself) with one couple meeting here at Seder eight years ago”.