The 2014 Muslim Jewish Conference (Photo credit: Daniel Shaked)

The 2014 Muslim Jewish Conference (Photo credit: Daniel Shaked)

Nearly 150 young Jewish and Muslim students will attend an interfaith conference in Berlin.

Organised by the Muslim Jewish Conference (MJC), the sixth annual conference seeks to promote discussion on common issues and challenges facing the two communities across the globe.

The grassroots movement said it primarily focusing on the challenges of living as a religious minority. They will run a range of sessions on issues such as prejudice, gender, art and conflict .

The event, which will last from the 16 to 23 August, will be opened on Monday 17 August at the German Foreign Ministry, with an official reception in Berlin’s City Hall later in the week.

During the week, there will be a visits from U.S. Government Special Representatives Ira Forman and Sharik Zafaar on Tuesday.

Both representatives have been asked to sit on a panel on the topic of ‘engaging Jewish and Muslim Communities Worldwide for a Better Future: Combining Governmental and Civil Society Perspectives’.

The conference will take place under the official Patronage of the German Foreign Minister Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier.