Two Orthodox Jewish boys critically injured on a pilgrimage in Hungary have given £25,000 to Jewish medical emergency charity Hatzola.

Yehudah Roitenbarg and Benjamin Cohen were hit by a truck while visiting the grave of Chasidic Rabbi Yeshayele of Kerestir and had to be flown back to the UK, with donors pledging tens of thousands to cover the recovery cost.

After both made a full recovery and having reclaimed their costs from their travel insurance, they offered to return all donations not made anonymously.

A total of £25,000, comprising anonymous donations and money named donors declined, has now been given to Hatzola so that it is “available to be used to save countless lives”.

Hatzola Trustee Dr Shalom Springer said: “We are overwhelmed by the goodwill of Yehuda and Benjamin, as well as of the donors, who declined the refund of their donation and chose instead to give their money to Hatzola. This will greatly benefit Hatzola and enable us to continue our dedicated service to the community.”