The widow of a Jewish man from London who died from a terminal illness earlier this year has accused her local Tory candidate of “ignoring” her late husband’s concerns about future financing for his family.

Matthew Offord, Conservative politician who’s standing to retain his seat in Hendon, denied that he had ignored the dying man’s plea, but this was met with disdain by the man’s widow during an emotional exchange at an election hustings at Mill Hill shul on Thursday.

The late Jewish man, known only as ‘Alan,’ twice emailed Offord about a recent Government rule change to bereavement support, which he said would cost his family £50,000. He died of cancer a month ago.

At the hustings, Offord said he did reply but this was strenuously denied by the widow, who was in the audience when hustings chair Rabbi Yitzhak Schochet raised the issue.

“There was no response received at all,” she said. “He died knowing his MP had completely ignored two emails.”

‘Alan’ subsequently made national headlines with his case, appearing on the BBC and on the front-page of The Guardian, and Offord said he thought the case surrounding the man was “unfair”.

Offord was asked about the Government’s support for families who lose a parent, with financial help now only granted for 18 months after the death, as opposed to the previous policy, which made money available until the child turns 18. His response was: “There’s always going to be losers.”

Offord has been approached for comment.