We’re all painfully familiar with the enmity that exists between certain Jewish and Arab sections of Israeli society.

The legacy of Freddie Krivine, a British philanthropist who died a decade ago, is that Jewish and Arab Israeli children can freely trade blows… on the tennis court.

The former Golders Green financier retired to Israel and built dozens of tennis schools and academies there so that these communities can polish their skills on the court – and build relations with each other off it.

Now, the foundation he set up runs schools and afternoon tennis programmes in Jisr el Zarka, Daliat HaCarmel, Haifa, Or Akiva, Tivon, Saknin, Jaljulia, and Bismat Tivon.

A co-existence tennis school in Ceasarea

A co-existence tennis school in Ceasarea

Last year, friends and relatives of Freddie Krivine launched British Friends of Freddie Krivine.

On Sunday 26th June, the UK Friends of the Freddie Krivine Foundation are holding a Tennis Gala Night at L’Escargot club in London to celebrate Wimbledon 2016.

It will include live jazz and opera, champagne, and a raffle.

Tickets are £35 and available from Nick Morris – nicholashmorris@hotmail.com.