Norwood volunteers said this week that working in an interfaith charity shop alongside volunteers from Islamic charities was “a lot of fun,” after its opening in Selfridges department store last week.

The Jewish charity teamed up with Islamic Relief for the temporary shop – the brainchild of an American artist – with Norwood’s chairman saying it “sends a powerful message that religions can work together to be a force for good”.

Working at the third-floor shop, which is open to the public until 22 October, Norwood volunteer Lane Curi said: “It’s really a lot of fun, and great to see people of all creeds come in and ask about what we are doing here… People seemed delighted with the concept and plenty asked for more information about the separate charities.”

Selfridges’ shoppers were “really interested in the idea of what a charity shop is and how the money goes to help people,” she said, adding: “It’s been a really positive experience and I can’t wait for my next shift in a few weeks.”

Norwood events manager Candice Mendes da Costa said: “Everyone there was really enthusiastic about the idea. Almost everyone who came in bought something.”

Last week Norwood chairman David Ereira said the shop “promotes our common sense of charity and community,” adding: “Projects such as this are important to raise vital funds, but also to build social cohesion and bring people of different faiths together.”