Anyone who has been to a function in Israel will know that there, the art of the simcha has been mastered. So it makes sense to borrow a few of their most popular elements. has become a must-have at Holy Land parties because no one leaves a wedding, bar or batty without a magnet. It’s the keepsake memento that doesn’t fray or fade and, after living in Israel for 18 years and attending  between 20 and 30 simchas each year, Michael Katz could see the appeal. “I saw that every simcha had, in addition to a stills photographer and a videographer, a magnet photographer,” he says. “In fact, no simcha in Israel is complete without a magnet photographer.”

As guests take their pick of props and pose throughout the event, the photographer prints all the pictures, each of which is then mounted onto an individual magnet and presented as a farewell token or favour, as the Americans call it.

“The magnet photographer moves around each event freely to catch more of the atmosphere,” Michael explains. “And all the photographs are printed to a very high quality using dye sublimation thermal printing, which means no ink, no smudged photographs and longer-lasting prints.”

Additionally, custom borders and texts can be added to each print, creating the ultimate simcha souvenir.

Magnet photography is still in its infancy in the UK, but Michael believes we will fall in love with the service once we see how much fun it offers. You will never pass your fridge again without thinking of that function.

Anyone in the UK can book this service via the website or by calling the freephone number 0800 088 5485.

In conjunction with Jewish News Simchas, there is a special promotion of up to 20 percent discount on bookings made before 15 November.

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