A Kensington nightclub frequented by Princes Harry and William may have lost its licence after a fight involving Jews during which anti-Semitic insults were hurled.

Boujis, an exclusive private members’ club, was told to close its doors until 10 November two weeks after a mass brawl spilled outside at 1.45am on Sunday morning, where the incident was filmed by a manager. 

Up to 20 people traded blows, with a woman in a red dress seen jumping on a man’s back and attaching him with a shoe. Another man was thrown head-first into a taxi while someone is heard shouting “f****** Jews”.

Police stepped in and made half a dozen arrests, later reporting that the two groups were fighting “in an uncontrolled manner”.

A Boujis investigation concluded that the fight started after a clubber made an anti-Semitic remark towards a group of Jewish people who had booked a table inside. 

In 2007 the club was a favourite of Prince Harry, with William and Kate Middleton often seen there too. Since then it has become popular with celebrities.