The United Synagogue has slammed London newspaper Jewish Weekly for running an advert from a man convicted of sexually abusing an underage Jewish girl.

Last month the paper ran an ad by Menachem Mendel Levy, an Orthodox builder from Golders Green, announcing the dedication of a Sefer Torah on 25 December, loaned to Chabad House.

Levy, who served three years in prison for sexually assaulting an underage girl, never admitted guilt and appealed against both his conviction and sentencing. He was pictured dancing at the 25 December dedication event, which was attended by several rabbis and hundreds of Orthodox Jews, including children.

This week the United Synagogue reacted in disgust to the Jewish Weekly’s decision to run an advert for the event by Levy and his family.

A US spokesman said: “The United Synagogue has never, and does not, own or contribute to the running of the Jewish Weekly, however we are disappointed that the paper ran this advert.

“The US would urge the Jewish Weekly to urgently review its advertising policy and to properly research those who contribute adverts before they are published.”

The publication, which describes itself as “a family paper,” has not replied to requests for comment.

Full page advert in the Jewish Weekly