A new website called ‘Israel Hate Watch’ has been launched in the UK, for Israel campaigners to “share experiences” about their encounters with boycotters and those who oppose Israel for political reasons.

The initiative, launched last week, is led by grassroots group We Believe in Israel, which says it aims to “provide opportunities for people to engage in constructive dialogue and conversation about Israel”.

Luke Akehurst, Director of We Believe in Israel, said pro-Israel campaigners faced “a new reality, where the tone and tactics of people who dislike Israel has become increasingly unpleasant and bullying”.

He added that this “goes beyond campaigning” and “becomes an attack on Israel’s right to exist and the right of the Jewish people to self-determination”.

Examples of activity which may be shared on Israel Hate Watch (IHW) include boycotters targeting supermarket produce, disrupting Israeli performances or refusing to debate or host Israeli academics.