A deal has been signed to establish a new base for a group of heroic men and women who saved thousands of Jewish lives during the Holocaust.

Around 250 Poles recognised as Righteous Among the Nations are still alive today but the organisation which brings them together was housed in a tiny office in a run-down building. Without a lift, some of the elderly saviours are unable to even get to the 26 square metre office and there is no space to entertain visiting groups eager to hear from them.

But representatives of From the Depths Foundation – which earlier this year launched a campaign backed by the Jewish News to support the group – have now signed an agreement with the Socio-Cultural Association of Jews in Poland (TSKZ) for the establishment of an educational Centre to be used by Association of the Righteous in Poland. Part of the new headquarters of TSKŻ, scheduled to open next year in Warsaw, it will host lectures, exhibitions and workshops with tours from around the world.

Jonny Daniels, founder of From the Depths, said: “After many months of effort to find a proper place for the Association of the Righteous in Poland, we are incredibly grateful to TSKZ for standing up and doing the right thing. For over 15 years TSKŻ has been funding the current modest offices and this is the next step in ensuring that these heroes receive the respect and honour they deserve. Knowing the Righteous will have a place in the new headquarters of TSKŻ where they will be able to meet with young people from all over the world is very uplifting.”

Artur Hofman, Chairman of TSKŻ, said: “I feel proud that we can help the Righteous Among the Nations. This is only a small part of how we can repay them for something priceless, rescuing Jews during the war.”

Jonny Daniels, Founder & Executive Director of From The Depths (left) with Arthur Hoffman, Chairman of Socio - Cultural Association of Jews in Poland (TSKZ)

Jonny Daniels with Arthur Hoffman, signing the agreement