A leading neo-Nazi website which rails against Hispanic immigrants is trying to expand its audience beyond a loyal base of US white supremacists – by publishing a Spanish language edition.

The Daily Stormer – infamous for orchestrating internet harassment campaigns by its “Troll Army” of readers – recently launched El Daily Stormer as a “news portal” tailoring its racist, anti-Semitic content for readers in Spain and Latin America.

Andrew Auernheimer, a notorious computer hacker and internet troll who writes for the English-language site, said the Spanish edition fits their mission to spread Hitlerism across the world.

Convicted British anti-Semite Joshua Bonehill-Paine hailed the “Filthy Jew Bitch Campaign” led by a ‘troll army’ from Daily Stormer against Jewish politician Luciana Berger.

He said it had been “fantastically successful” after the politician, who is seeking re-election in 2017, was sent 2,500 tweets by white supremacists.

Between October 2014 and January 2015, Bonehill-Paine posted articles online calling Jewish Labour politician a “dominatrix” and “an evil money-grabber” with a “deep-rooted hatred of men”. Bonehill-Paine illustrated his posts with offensive pictures, including the anti-Jewish cliche of a rat with Berger’s face superimposed on it.