A Watford-born man has told friends and family that he is “feeling chipper and joyful to be alive” following a second round of brain surgery, after he was involved in a hit-and-run accident in Los Angeles on Friday night.

Marcus Freed, a Kabbalah teacher who is known for his appearances at Limmud, had initial emergency surgery, but was returned to intensive care after doctors realised that his brain was still bleeding.

Supporters have raised £57,000 in a matter of days because the driver who ploughed into him fled the scene, when their insurance should instead have paid for Marcus’s medical bills.

However he posted an upbeat message to supporters on photo-sharing website Instagram on Wednesday morning, saying he was hopeful he wouldn’t need a third operation at Cedars-Sinai Hospital, where he is being treated.

“Seems alright now,” he wrote. “Either way it’ll all work out fine in the end… Thank you to my amazing friends, family & medics, I love you all and my heart overflows with tremendous love & gratitude for you.”

With a welcome sense of humour, he added: “Now for another night in ICU with my happy protein smoothies. Turns out I will not be applying for any stuntman jobs because my first attempt on Friday night rolling off a car en route to Shabbat dinner didn’t go so well. Ho hum, back to the Shakespeare. Sending y’all big love.”

Marcus, a teacher, author and actor whose Hebrew name is Harav Matisyahu Joel Baruch Ben Gitel, has had his parents by his side in hospital, after they flew in from London on hearing the news.

He is known for teaching Torah values and life lessons globally through his writing, one-man plays, books, bibli-yoga and giving creative Shabbat services, with supporters donating money from around the world.

You can donate to help Marcus BY CLICKING HERE: