The neo-Nazi group that championed the murderer of Jo Cox MP may soon be banned, after it appeared to incite supporters to kill Jews.

The Yorkshire branch of National Action, a group of up to 100 white supremacists based mainly in the north of England, tweeted: “Tykes gassin’ K*kes is our motto,” in reference to a derogatory term the Nazis used to describe Jews.

And in a video posted online last week, featuring a march in Darlington, the group said: “The Briton has been trampled underfoot by hook-nosed bankers and child-raping politicians,” showing an image of Lord Janner, adding that they would “drive out the parasite class”.

Thomas Mair (Photo credit: West Yorkshire Police /PA Wire)

Thomas Mair (Photo credit: West Yorkshire Police /PA Wire)

The group, which uses a blog to advocate “lone wolf activism,” has praised Cox’s killer Thomas Mair, who shot and stabbed the popular Labour politician in the street, in the run-up to the EU referendum earlier this year.

This week, it was reported in the Sunday Times that officials are planning to proscribe the organisation, alongside other far-right groups, such as North West Infidels, which said Cox “got what she deserved”.

A spokesman for Jewish security group Community Security Trust (CST) said: “National Action is a viciously anti-Semitic neo-Nazi group that repeatedly incites hatred and violence.

“We have raised our concerns about them with the Government and the Police on many occasions and we would support measures to restrict their hateful activities.”